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To my cherished loyal viewers: You probably heard that 7NEWS, Boston took me off the air to move in a different direction. It may take me a while to come back to Boston TV.

I am making progress in deciding how to head from here to stay in touch with you, and supply forecasts, astronomy info, nature talk, technical weather discussions, and much, much more. This site is in for a major overhaul in the next few weeks, but I need your support.........

Meanwhile, in the interim, for ideas, and general support, in this difficult time please email me - or BETTER YET consider joining the toddgross yahoo group (mail list: web-only or email to email). It would be GREAT to see you there and we are going to discuss all kinds of weather ideas. OR you can set yourself up to receive my daily semi-technical weather discussions, and forecasts ONLY (you would "hear just me") for this active winter! See you there! (just put your email address into the box below)   - Todd

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(Below is an example of what was written Thu. night, 12/8/05 Since then I have added daily forecasts, and the discussions have been made more understandable and explanative on the mail list)

Computer models are not short at all on "warm advection" the key situation to producing a lot of precipitation today, this is going to be a strong, heavy-hitting event, starting after sunup. The problem is  that the "short wave" at 500mb is so strong, that it will induce a quick warm up mid event aloft, and along the coast at the surface throwing in the chance of rain with the heavy shot of snow, along the immediate coast, and rain, sleet, or freezing rain briefly in the interior SE interior. (not NW interior)   Accumulations so far look heaviest just north of Boston, a foot not out of the question, even the city could approach 10", especially away from the immediate shoreline, although Logan will likely change to rain, mix, or very "wet snow" for an 1-4 hours due to the easterly wind, right after Noon. The tight upper level low is the kind that produces thunder as well, and it is possible that local areas could have even more than a foot in the interior in isolated spots due to the thundersnow today. It will all be over quickly after 12 hours 8am to 8pm.